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We saw Eagle Eye this week and what did I think? Well, it was a great movie, intense, full of action and had a plot with something new... Technology today allows us to be reached by so many methods...Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, computers, and that's just personal devices... This movie shows you in a blunt way that if the government really wanted to track us, they could in a heart beat with little trouble at all. They can monitor us, even when we don't think we're being monitored. In Read more [...]

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Okay...It's not just me... I am a clean shoe fanatic! It is an extremely rare occurrence that you'll EVER see me in some dirty running shoes. Why? There's no reason for it. You CAN wash running shoes in the washing machine, and they come out like new if you do it correctly! So many people are afraid of washing their running shoes...Why? I do not know! Firstly, spray them with stain remover for tough stains...If they're just dingy, there's no need. Secondly, wash them in the warm Read more [...]

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If you're a girl that likes glitter like I do, chances are you have a lot of clothing with glitter on them. Do you worry about washing them in the washing machine and losing all of the glitz? If so, here's a few simple, easy ways to help keep the glitter on your clothing instead of washing it down the drain: 1. Wash them in cold water: If you wash them in warm, you're more likely to melt the adhesive that holds your glitter on. 2. Wash them on the delicate cycle: If you have this cycle Read more [...]

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As you all know, I have VERY long hair, and I'm always trying to ensure that it is healthy and happy! Photo left: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Zdenka Micka, Hair by Jenny D, Make-up by Kimberly Edwards Jenny D, my hair stylist, gave me a tip so as not to dry out your hair in the shower. Most of us take warm or hot showers, and most of us probably wash our hair first before you do anything else. You probably also condition your hair lastly! What happens to your hair in during the middle Read more [...]