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Okay, whether you're looking for that great summer dress, some sexy shirts, great clubwear or stylish heels under $15 - they even have swimsuits too - you've got to check out this site! Seriously, their clothing is so stylish, sassy and sexy! What am I looking for? Well, as you may well know, we've been in Dallas for about the last month or so and we've been going to play sand volleyball, so instead of my typical tank top and shorts with my bikini underneath, I was looking for another cuter Read more [...]

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Yes, we went to the movies yesterday, as we usually do, and I have some great reviews for you this week! 1. X-Men Origins - Basically, the Wolverine movie and IT ROCKED! It was fabulous. Hugh Jackman did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed Gambit too! Interesting, power packed with action sequences and special effects! It was awesome! 5 stars 2. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - This was really sweet, really funny and quite touching. Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner (along with Michael Read more [...]

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I was doing a little research online today about the Swine Flu outbreak, now being referred to as H1N1 influenza A. Why are they calling it that now? Because it's hurting our pork farmers, mostly... Anyway, I ended up on a website, Scrubs Mag, that's geared towards nurses mostly... ...but what I loved about the site was that it was easily understood by a lay person - they don't speak in medical terminology that is so confusing or advanced that we can't get what they're talking about. The Read more [...]