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4 x 9 = Fun


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Purple Number 4 This post will be fun, and will let you get to know me a little better…Copy this post and fill in your own information on your blog, website or send it in emails to your friends…It’s fun! It’s called a meme (meaning “same” in French).

I borrowed this from Mary‘s Blog today…Here we go.

4 jobs I’ve had:
– doctor’s office secretary and assistant
– university pitching coach
– senior account executive at telecom company
– real estate investor and internet business owner

4 movies I can watch over & over:
– The entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– The Pink Panther with Steve Martin
– Troy
– Mr. Bean

4 places I’ve lived:
– Perth, Western Australia
– College Station & Dallas, Texas
– Lake Charles, Louisiana
– Niagara Falls, Ontario

4 TV shows I love:
– CSI Miami
– 24
– Iron Chef
– American Idol

4 places I’ve vacationed:
– Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
– Orlando, Florida
– “Up North”, Ontario, Canada
– All Over the Western 1/2 of Australia

4 of my favorite dishes:
– Linguine with Beurre Blanc sauce
– Vegemite on Toast with sharp, old cheddar
– Lobster…any kind of lobster!!!!!!!!
– Seafood Gumbo

4 sites I visit daily:

4 places I would rather be right now:
– On a tropical beach anywhere in Western Australia
– In the Greek Isles
– Up North in Ontario at the cottage
– anywhere with my hubby

4 people I tag:

If you do this meme, leave a comment, I’ll be sure to allow your comment and leave a blog link too. Please link to me in your post as well by saying where you got the meme from and linking to this post or this blog! (Think of it as free blogertisement.)


I hope you enjoyed this Life post on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I am and will continue to be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Share this meme with your friends with your information in it…

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