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Admiring Mom’s Plants and Alarm Clock Dream


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Another dream I had last night, Kenney and I were admiring my mother’s new plants and landscaping at my old childhood home (in this dream, my mother was still living there…)…

She had planted some beautiful trees that were very unique looking, some were weeping trees, a few birches, I believe.

Weeping White Birch Bonsai Tree<br><i>(betula pendula 'trosts dwarf')</i>

She had an entire flower bed of bleeding hearts that were so very beautiful.

Fernleaf Pink Bleeding Heart

I was disappointed, though, that my mother stayed in the house – she didn’t feel like coming out to show us herself – I think she was tired…

Kenney and I were very impressed at how lovely it all was.

Then, our dogs ran out from the backyard all chasing Kurious (one of our female miniature schnauzers), as she had a huge toy bone that she had obviously dug up from somewhere in the backyard. LOL…

During the whole dream, I kept hearing Kenney’s phone alarm going off, as it does to wake us up in the morning, and he wasn’t turning it off as we were walking.

So, I got it out of his pocket and was trying to turn off the alarm. Just as I thought I had turned it off, it would go off again…No matter what I did, it kept on going off! So annoying!!!

The Sensory Assault Alarm Clock.

Come to find out, it was really the alarm clock on his phone going off every 5 minutes, in real life…LOL…

We were both sleeping right through it! We had a long day @ sand volleyball in the sun yesterday. Also, Kenney’s grandmother passed away yesterday…so, that’s pretty draining as well…

Is it just me or did my mother sound sad in the dream? She planted bleeding hearts and weeping trees, and then didn’t feel like showing us herself all the hard work she had put into gardening…Hmmm…I should call her today!


I hope you found this excerpt from my Dream Journal interesting on the Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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