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Alyria Clarifying Cleanser from the Skin Optimizing System – Beauty Product Review


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Alyria Clarifying Cleanser

Alyria Oil Free Clarifying Cleanser 4.0ozRecently, I’ve had the opportunity to try out Alyria’s Clarifying Cleanser that’s Oil Free from their Skin Optimizing System.

If you were all unaware, I am the founder of LivingPink.info for Breast Cancer. This year, a Toronto cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Martin Jugenburg, was a speaker at our “Living Pink Through Fashion” Show for Breast Cancer at Crystal Beach, Ontario. He spoke about new procedures for breast reconstruction for patients that have had mastectomies or lumpectomies. I say all of this because as a thank you for being a part of our event, he gave me and my assistants skin care goodie bags. (Thank you, Dr. Jugenburg!)

Anyway, this cleanser worked very well, and I really enjoyed it. In fact, it has lasted me since September and it is now end of January because you only use a small amount.

It lathers up in a fantastic way, which I love because I have a pet peeve of my face feeling greasy after washing it with some cleansers. It also smells fresh.

My face, during the time I was using this Alyria cleanser, looked renewed, younger, and was virtually blemish free the entire time.

I am impressed with it, and am a bit sad that it’s gone!!! I’m going to have to get some more of this stuff. It’s worth it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a beauty product I enjoyed, because we all hate wasting good money on products that just don’t work or you simply won’t like.

Be sure to grab one of these cleansers for yourself:


Alyria Oil Free Clarifying Cleanser 4.0oz Alyria Oil Free Clarifying Cleanser 4.0oz

Alyria Oil Free Clarifying Cleanser 4.0oz


I hope you enjoyed this Beauty Product Review on Life of Kimberly Edwards. Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards

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