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Alright Everyone! Here's the Deal: I've entered to win this job as caretaker of Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. You have to Vote for Kimberly so I can win the job! 5 Stars is the best rating, so be sure to hover over the stars and click on the 5th star. If I win, I'll be able to bring you the best of the Great Barrier Reef Islands of the Great Barrier Reef for 6 months on a video blog! Therefore, I'll be in a bikini for 6 months straight! LOL Here's my video you can vote Read more [...]

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I've been getting asked this more these past few days, and I suppose I need to make the navigation of the site better. I have my eyes on a new theme that is sure to please and make everyone happy, and make it easier to find everything they'd want or need on here. However, there is a page, if you hover over the menu tab at the top of this page, that is called: Autographed Photos of Kimberly I haven't put every photo in your choices, simply because I've been extremely busy. So, if there Read more [...]

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table salt I AM! More than I could even explain to you! I'm glad that we're really starting to see manufacturers of food giving us alternative choices, not just low-cal options either. I mean for people who have limitations in their diet for Sodium and Salt intake, or whether they have high cholesterol, are obese or shouldn't have sugar or refined flour and other ingredients, there are more choices out there. Why am I being so "funny" about this? I guess I'm being funny because 1 in 3 children are Read more [...]

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Okay...let me tell you that in Canada, more so than in the USA, when commercials come on, they are louder. They've been doing that forever, but now, the volume of the commercials is ridiculously loud. It is so much louder than the show that you are forced to turn down or even mute the TV when the commercials are on. If you reduce the volume, then you often miss the first few seconds when the show you're watching comes back on again. It's an on-again, off-again thing, idiotic cycle and Read more [...]

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Recently, I wrote an article on tips for guys to buy jewelry for their sweetheart on Valentine's Day and other occasions, and now I wish I would have added some more information. Honestly guys, if your girl is somewhat of a glamorous lady, then go for the diamonds boys! I know, I know...you're freaking out about the cost of them. Well, I've got a tip for you! More often than not, you can buy loose diamonds and get it set for much less than what you could buy a finished piece of jewelry Read more [...]

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Hello Everyone, Haven't had a shoot in a while, but here is a tiny taste of my latest from today... Photographer - Sue Ore from Oh Shoot! Make Up Artist & Hair - Staceylee Estabrooks from Mobile Makeup There are more to come, and I'll post them as I get a chance to! Let me know what you think by Commenting in the Comment Box Below! *** I hope you enjoyed this Modeling Portfolio post on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time... I Am & Will Continue Read more [...]

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I just found out about this today and it is pretty cool... If you're a teenager and you're interested in becoming a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, check out this website I found: SOGO Active This program is presented by Coca-Cola and they will award over 1,000 spots to be torchbearer before the torch is lit at the Winter Olympics. A torchbearer is a person that carries the torch the Olympic flame, typically from one end of the country to the other, to where the Olympics Read more [...]

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Our household has embarked on The Maker’s Diet 40-Day Health Experience. This is mostly for overall health and detoxifying our bodies. I will be outlining our daily experiences with this diet on our Natural-Weight-Loss-Tip.com website! Come and Check out the 1st 3 posts here: 1. The Maker’s Diet Experience 2. Phase 1, Day 1 of The Maker’s Diet 3. Phase 1, Day 2 of The Maker’s Diet Come join us, encourage us or check out how this product works… *** I hope you Read more [...]

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Have you seen the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame yet? If you haven't...you'll be astonished. I know you've seen digital photo frames before and yes, they are very very cool in their own right! However, this is a photo frame you can give to someone or purchase for yourself, and you can get photos from anywhere in the world from anyone you like sent directly to your photo frame. So, one morning, you can wake up to the newest photo of your niece, nephew or grandchild immediately! You can get Read more [...]

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* Beauty Tip: Rich color is in style this season with vibrant reds in matte lip-color...You may even want to try some of the new lip stains that are so fashionable this season... My cousin sent me this photo of her at our Grandmother and Grandfather's house... Apparently, as the story goes, she got into my mother's lipstick and voilà...Instant cute! She says she didn't get into trouble either...since it was so adorable! My mother says she remembers this all too well! LOL... I Read more [...]

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If you're still in Holiday mode, or if you need some distraction from stress, you could check out some awesome games for Apple platforms... Now, I know a lot of you got iPhones for Christmas...If so, I've found you some iPhone games to break in your cell. Don't have one of these...no problem! If you've got a Mac computer, you can download one of my favorite games to de-stress and "waste some time" with...Get Solitaire for mac. Don't like card games or just solitaire? No problem again! I've Read more [...]

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From My Family to Yours, We wish you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas & a Delicious Feast today! We pray that all of your amazing dishes turned out perfectly and fantastically, and that you actually, as the chef, get a really good opportunity to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones today, as you entertain! We pray you have yourself a Beautiful Day and that you have some time to Celebrate the Reason for the Season, Jesus Christ our Lord! Enjoy! I Am & Will Continue Read more [...]

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We've been talking a little bit about gifts for Christmas. Now, if you're looking for a beautiful gift for your sweetheart, mother, auntie or some lady who's special in your life, I urge you to check out Canadian designer, Sande Chase's creations at Oh la la Cadeau! They are classy designs with fabulous products, and from what I've seen, even more amazingly put together...Really impressive wrapping/packaging! This "Fig Out" creation below features fig scented gifts that are "full-bodied Read more [...]

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So, we rented movies last weekend as usual, and we got "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" and "Hitman". I'll talk about Zohan in a subsequent post, but for now, I want to speak on "Hitman". I didn't really want to see this movie. In fact, I kept passing it up for a few months now, so it seems, at Blockbuster. My hubby had seen a few snippets while visiting some family and this was his choice of movie. I must say, I was extremely surprised at how good that movie was. Maybe it was the cover Read more [...]

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Whether your looking for a gift for your hubby, but you're just not quite sure about what to get "the guy that has everything"? Well, seeing as they're your hubby and would probably love to spend an evening with you alone instead of any scarf or new alarm clock you could buy him... Have you thought of buying some sexy lingerie and surprising him? That "quality time" would probably be the best Christmas present ever to him! Whether you are looking for plus size lingerie or even some Read more [...]