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Canadian “Husky” Bear Dream & Hairless Rabbits


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Early this morning, I was dreaming I had a bear, who was supposed to be a cub, but looked nearly full grown to me.

Brown Bear - Spin

I don’t know why, but I kept calling him a Canadian “husky” bear – not a grizzly or black bear, but a husky bear.

Apparently, he was getting along well with my family and dogs and we were bringing him to meet my mother.

He was quite an intimidating bear, as he was quite large and shaggy – not like the picture above…LOL

What an amazing bear and I felt this real heartwarming connection with him – like I was his mommy…It was beautiful.

That dream went into this one, from what I remember:

Then, I had a dream I was in some kind of pet store with my mother and a few friends.

I was walking around in amazement that they had such strange, unique and exotic animals there…

They even had a baby male lion, a few other exotic cats I couldn’t place, bear cubs, penguins, strange and wonderful birds from all over the place. Really? Yes!

Then, I came upon a cage where there were about 8 hairless rabbits that looked pinky/browny on their skin, but sweet nonetheless, and giving you “that look” like, “Please take me home…”

I pet a few of them and turned to walk out of that area of the store to tell my mother.

Well, they all jumped out of their cage and jumped on my pant legs latching on for dear life. I was trying to get away, with no avail.

So, I tried to get a few off of me and they wouldn’t release their paws…So, I was calling for my mother to come help me and a store clerk came to help – then, I woke up…Wow – crazy bunnies!


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my Dream Journal on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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