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This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #1 and Part #3 too! You're In Shape - Now What? Start looking in fitness and bodybuilding mags and pic out some shots you think are nice and would suit you. Then, search for a really good photographer. NOT JUST ANY PHOTOGRAPHER because it'll cost you more in the long run if you go with a half-rate photographer that clicks 200 pictures in 20 minutes...This is not going to work! Photo right: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Read more [...]

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A bunch of my friends have started to ask me the question of how they can get into fitness modeling... So, I figured they are a good cross section, especially of my readers here, and I wanted to share my answer that I've been "copying and pasting" to my friends as they contact me... This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #2 and Part #3 too! They often ask me if I'm a fitness model - I guess because they know I work out all the time, eat healthy and model too, Read more [...]

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If you become a new customer of Charter Communications or upgrade your service, you are eligible to win a TV every day throughout April! How do you get into this deal? Well, at Charter.com, you can use their simple website to build the service bundle that works best for you and is best for your needs. Once you have your service installed, you are entered to win! You're also entered to win the grand prize package of a 52" LCD Flat Screen HDTV, a Home Theatre System and 1 year of Free Charter Read more [...]

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I just found out about this today and it is pretty cool... If you're a teenager and you're interested in becoming a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, check out this website I found: SOGO Active This program is presented by Coca-Cola and they will award over 1,000 spots to be torchbearer before the torch is lit at the Winter Olympics. A torchbearer is a person that carries the torch the Olympic flame, typically from one end of the country to the other, to where the Olympics Read more [...]

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That's right! I'm going to do it Saturday, September 6th! I'm going to put a little effort and sweat into raising some money for Breast Cancer Research in Hamilton. *** Support Kimberly with a Pledge for the 5 km Bright Run for Breast Cancer! Using PayPal - Please include your address with postal/zip code for a tax receipt. Every little bit helps! The Juravinski Cancer Centre's Breast Disease Site Team hosts the inaugural Bright Run/Walk to support breast cancer research Read more [...]

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What a great idea is that? Wow...must be unrelenting when riding bikes in the mountainous terrain of the villages...LOL... Some people may see this as lazy, and maybe they've never ridden a bike up a huge hill before that seemingly doesn't end... I could see how these hills may discourage more people from going out to exercise...These lifts may actually get more people into fitness that otherwise would not be interested. Anyway...I thought this was one of the coolest things I've seen. Read more [...]

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kimberly edwards Especially when I get stressed out, I crave going for a jog. I can see the trees go by, smell the lilacs as I jog past, and get some fresh air. It's just you and the road with your thoughts... If you don't feel like thinking, it's easy to be distracted by everything going on around you. When you feel frustrated and like you can't get anywhere in your thoughts, going for a jog gives you a feeling of accomplishment... My biggest piece of advice: Make sure you're wearing good shoes Read more [...]

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Since this is the introduction of my blog, I just wanted to share a little bit about me... About Me: I am originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Lived there for most of my life. I lived in Australia for 1 yr, and traveled by myself right out of high school. I was a softball pitcher on scholarship and went to Texas A&M University, McNeese State University and coached pitching at The University of Northern Iowa. I have a degree in Pre-Medicine, as well as many minors. I have Read more [...]