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Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank is a serious concern for so many nowadays in this economic crisis. When I think about glasses though, I'm not going to wear a pair of glasses that aren't at least stylish! So, it can be a real challenge as to where to find glasses that are the right prescription for you, and that are stylish to boot! As you know, I've covered a website called Zenni in the past, and guess what I saw today... Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! That's right! Seems Read more [...]

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Okay...It's not just me... I am a clean shoe fanatic! It is an extremely rare occurrence that you'll EVER see me in some dirty running shoes. Why? There's no reason for it. You CAN wash running shoes in the washing machine, and they come out like new if you do it correctly! So many people are afraid of washing their running shoes...Why? I do not know! Firstly, spray them with stain remover for tough stains...If they're just dingy, there's no need. Secondly, wash them in the warm Read more [...]

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If you're a girl that likes glitter like I do, chances are you have a lot of clothing with glitter on them. Do you worry about washing them in the washing machine and losing all of the glitz? If so, here's a few simple, easy ways to help keep the glitter on your clothing instead of washing it down the drain: 1. Wash them in cold water: If you wash them in warm, you're more likely to melt the adhesive that holds your glitter on. 2. Wash them on the delicate cycle: If you have this cycle Read more [...]

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High Fashion Eyeglasses from Zenni Have you checked out my story on BlogNButter.com/mysteryshopping about how I had to pay a lot of money for my glasses, even though I performed a mystery shop that promised to pay 1/2 of the cost of the glasses? Well, I did get some seriously stylish DKNY lenses, but I did have to pay over $200, after the "1/2" the mystery shopping company reimbursed me. Now, recently, I just found this website, ZenniOptical.com, where you can get Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni for so much less! Seriously, Read more [...]

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Okay, between everyone in our household, we've been doing quite a bit of traveling lately... The luggage we've been using has either been destroyed, as it was obviously of poor quality, or we can use those oldies, but goodies in the basement that have been around since the 1970s...Funny, they don't make things like they used to. Those oldies may not be cute anymore, but they sure are durable, right? Well, if you don't want to bring out your dad's old suitcase from "the good old days", you'll Read more [...]

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Wow...It never ceases to amaze me how many nail salons try to dupe their customers into thinking that the acrylic nails are actually gel nails... This is a serious problem because not only are you getting charged for more expensive "solar gel" or "bio gel" nails, the acrylic nails are not good for your health, unlike the gel nails. So, How Do You Know The Difference? If the product applied to your nails is in any kind of powder form, that you witness, before being put on your nails, they Read more [...]

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This post will be fun, and will let you get to know me a little better...Copy this post and fill in your own information on your blog, website or send it in emails to your friends...It's fun! It's called a meme (meaning "same" in French). I borrowed this from Mary's Blog today...Here we go. 4 jobs I've had: - doctor's office secretary and assistant - university pitching coach - senior account executive at telecom company - real estate investor and internet business owner 4 movies Read more [...]

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kimberly edwards Especially when I get stressed out, I crave going for a jog. I can see the trees go by, smell the lilacs as I jog past, and get some fresh air. It's just you and the road with your thoughts... If you don't feel like thinking, it's easy to be distracted by everything going on around you. When you feel frustrated and like you can't get anywhere in your thoughts, going for a jog gives you a feeling of accomplishment... My biggest piece of advice: Make sure you're wearing good shoes Read more [...]

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kimberly edwards nails I was driving yesterday, and admittedly I was on the cell phone...I was feeling a little bit like a rebel until I saw the girl driving next to me. She was about 22 or so, and was painting her nails a hot pink color while she was driving! Yes, people...do you know what kind of skill that takes? I could not believe my eyes...I've seen people putting lipstick on, eyeliner, even mascara, and I thought that was pushing it, but painting your nails! Wow...That's something new!!! * Tip: Do Not Read more [...]

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I read this inspirational and eye-opening article today, that you must read, that was sent to me by one of my "stumble buddies"... It's about time we fight for our own constitutional rights and stand up for our person! Go check out this article...It's funny and true, and you'll, no doubt, appreciate it's validity: Don't Let WalMart Check Your Receipt There is no doubt in my mind that this scenario has happened to you once, twice or numerous times, completely unfounded in any way! *** I Read more [...]

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Today is just one of those days here in Niagara Falls...Snow, snow, snow...Getting more bored by the day and itching for Spring! If you are having end-of-winter blues, check out my video on how to brighten up your dinner! Let me know what you do on your dark and dreary days to cheer you or someone else up! *** I hope you enjoyed this video on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time... Kimberly Edwards ;D P.S. If you love lobster the way I do, you may want Read more [...]

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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. This blog will cover the journey of my life, including modeling, acting, athletics, life, love and happiness... It'll be under construction for a while...In the meantime, you can: 1. Vote for Me Monthly for the Canadian Beauty Competition on Facebook 2. Vote for Me Daily for the World's Most Beautiful Woman Pageant The World's First International Online Beauty Pageant Click and VOTE for me! 3. View my Profile & Vote on My Cooking Read more [...]