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Fault-Finder: How To Deal With Your Critics – Your Friends


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Tiger CriticThere’s The “Honest” Critic
There’s The “Change-Averse” Critic
There’s The “Nay-Saying” Critic
There’s The “Competitive” Critic
There’s The “Know-It-All” Critic

and then:

There’s The “Mother Of All Critics” : Your Mother

Ever feel like everyone has a handle on how to run your own life better than you…

Ever feel like in like someones negativity is holding your back…

Ever feel like your being eaten for lunch when you have something to say about your own future?

Your just about to embark on a adventure that you’ve been so excited about and then:

…out comes Mr./Ms. Negativo to tell you all the reasons it won’t work!

Eventually if you don’t discover how to deal with this, the voice inside you that is the real YOU will start to diminish.

You’ll be living someone else’s life, never really fulfilling your own dreams and desires. Never really fulfilling or finding you purpose in this world.

Here’s a super interesting article titled:

“How to Silence Your Critics”

Check it out and post any comments or stories you have in the comment box below. Until next time…

Live Life Abundantly,

K. Edwards

P.S. Special thanks to my hubby, Kenney, for helping me with this post today!

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