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Foot Health: How to Deal with Toenail Fungus


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toenail fungus

Toenail fungus

toenail fungusGosh, that doesn’t sound good in any context, does it?

Well, it’s not. It’s unsightly, can create an awful aroma that wafts from your nails, socks or shoes, and can be painful to boot.

It’s important that your foot health is taken very seriously, because those two feet of yours is what you have to walk on every day for the rest of your life.

Also referred to medically as onychomycosis, fungi that affect toenails can also affect the nail beds of your fingers.

Foul smell, deformities, unsightly nail coloration, pain or swelling, thickening of nails all the way through deformed nails, rough nail surface, scaly skin around nails, as well as having your nails lifting up from the nail bed are all symptoms you may be dealing with toenail fungus.

There are so many ways to contract a toenail fungus problem. You can be infected directly from using items others have used that are infected with a fungus, and all the way through having an immune system that’s weakened, which can leave you more susceptible to coming in contact with these fungi…even having a certain type of yeast infection can cause them.

So, know the symptoms and seek medical help as soon as you notice them. This is a chronic problem that can last for years and years left untreated.

Treatments usually include anti-fungal medication, and topical treatments to get things in check, but these are usually longer term, as it can take an entire year or more for your infected nails to grow out, and your body create you brand new ones, provided you have been diligent with treatment.

Typically, once treatment is discontinued, these fungal infections rear their ugly heads again, if not completely eradicated.

Be sure you are keeping the health of your feet, and in turn your social life, in check.

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