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Have You Heard of NetSpend?


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Many of us, these days, either choose not to have a traditional bank account, don’t have the minimum required deposit for opening an account, especially in this economy, or just simply want to stay away from confusing fee structures and statements.

Did you know they do credit checks at many banks before they’ll let you open any kind of account? Okay, so, they want to check me over so I can give them my money to hold…Does that make sense to you?

Maybe you’re a teenager who wants to handle your own banking and spending of your allowance or part time job money. Maybe you’re about to travel and want your loose money to be more secure.

Well, NetSpend is a Prepaid Credit Card that let’s you do just that – all of the above.


It’s a credit card, either a Visa or Mastercard, you manage by loading money onto it. Virtually anyone can get one and can use it for purchases either around town or around the internet.

If you have any of the issues above and just don’t want a regular bank account, this is the way of the future!


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