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How Oysters Make Pearls – A Valuable Life Lesson


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I posted a story on my ExoticAnimalLover.com site today that I got from a friend.

Yes, it is about how pearls are made, but inside of this story is a very valuable lesson that I just had to share with you here…Enjoy!

“Do you know how a pearl is made?” The old man asked me.
An irritant enters the shell of an oyster; sometimes very small, sometimes not so small.

The oyster, aware of it’s pain, begins to cover the irritant’s jagged edges with a solution created from inside itself. It will continue to slowly cover the invader until it no longer feels pain, until what we call the pearl is formed.. The oyster does not hate the irritant, it simply responds according to it’s nature, and creates out of it’s pain a jewel.

There is no pearl of hatred.”

~ Unknown

Wow…Not only did we learn something about how a pearl is made, but maybe we can take this excerpt and apply it to our lives and the pain we experience.

If we could make a jewel out of every hurt and pain we have inside, we could make this world, and ourselves, a better place to be! Must be why they are called “Pearls of Wisdom”.

String these pearls together and you have something very beautiful, very valuable and something we can put to good use…

The thing is, our life lessons…our pearls, are what makes us who we are…it is something everyone can see…

Every pearl may not be the same color, the same size or the same shape, but it is YOU!


I hope you enjoyed this post about Life on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I am and will continue to be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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