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How to Wash Those Running Shoes


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Okay…It’s not just me…

Nike - Women Dart V Leather (White/Metallic Silver/Regal Pink) - FootwearI am a clean shoe fanatic! It is an extremely rare occurrence that you’ll EVER see me in some dirty running shoes.

There’s no reason for it. You CAN wash running shoes in the washing machine, and they come out like new if you do it correctly!

So many people are afraid of washing their running shoes…Why? I do not know!

Firstly, spray them with stain remover for tough stains…If they’re just dingy, there’s no need.

Secondly, wash them in the warm cycle with the shoe laces removed for better washability for both the shoes and the shoe laces!

* Tip: Wash only white shoes together, and colored shoes separately, so they don’t bleed the colors!

Thirdly, let them dry in the sun or a warm area. You don’t want them being wet for too long, as they’ll develop mildew and start to smell!

Then, replace the shoe laces in an orderly manner and voila! You have clean running shoes!

In fact, you can even throw in up to 2 more pairs of shoes to wash at the same time…

Not only does it look better, but they smell better and it is more hygienic for your feet!

Your feet are important and you only have 1 pair of them for your entire life! Treat them well!


I hope you enjoyed this Tip on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

Here’s to Clean, White Running Shoes,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Don’t be scared and keep buying those dark colored running shoes! Get yourself a beautiful, pristine pair of white runners! Check out these Adidas:

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