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Kimberly Edwards’ Jewelry Line Launches January 1st, 2010


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"K, Turn Around" Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards

Beadalon Chain, Flat, or Round Nose Pliers  flat noseOn January 1st, 2010, I will release my newest endeavor – my jewelry line.

Well, if you know me and my style, I love things that are edgy, gorgeously glamorous and super trendy. I’m sort of a diva when it comes to fashion…

Jewelry is the glitz of your outfit that defines your style. It should make you feel beautiful, confident, strong and powerful – that’s how I feel when I wear something amazing!

If it’s not over the top, unique, and something that will make people turn around in their tracks to get a second look, it’s not in my jewelry line. I am pushing the boundaries and embellishing to the hilt.

"K, Turn Around" Jewelry by Kimberly EdwardsI believe in having fun with fashion whenever you want to dress it up…my jewelry is very wearable.

Finally, I’ll be able to find the jewelry I want to wear because I’m making it the way I want it!

You will be seeing a lot more of my fashion jewelry in my photo shoots as well, so keep your eye out.

Each piece of my jewelry is made by me! Guaranteed…

I will announce the name of the jewelry line when it launches.


I hope you enjoyed this Fashion News on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards πŸ™‚

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