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Looking for a Hair Volume Explosion?


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I found one…LOL…

I picked up a bottle of Peter Coppola Volume Explosion (volume supporting foam), and it actually works…

Problem is, I can’t find it on Amazon to buy…LOL…and it was a lone soldier on the shelf at Home Sense…

The liquid is green, in a clear bottle, with a foam creating pump (non-aerosol) that’s white…If you find it, and you are looking for a volume boost…this is it!

It’s a leave-in product you apply after you towel dry your hair, and is made with a soyagen complex, which consists of soy protein, vitamins and jojoba oils.

It gave me good volume without being heavy…You all know, I have extremely long hair that is naturally curly…It doesn’t weigh down my curls.

Also, many times, when you use a volumizer, it takes away your shine…Not this one; it actually enhances shine.

I’m almost out of it and I’m getting a little sad…LOL…


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