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My Vacation “Up North”


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As I said yesterday, I went on vacation this week, on last minute notice…”Up North” as us Ontarians call it…

It was great, and just what I needed…Some rest, relaxation, good food, time with my dogs, sunshine & surf…

I was practically the only person in that little town, well, no tourists yet for sure (that’s why I don’t want to say where this little paradise is…LOL)…It was very serene and quiet! Peaceful…

I thought I’d be able to catch up with a little bit of work online, but no dice…No wireless internet! LOL…

I was probably better off without it anyway, as I am known to be a workaholic…LOL…It MADE me relax…The whole time I was there!

I was very sad to see the beach disappear out of sight as I drove off, and my dogs were even whimpering…

It even rained a little bit, so I got to catch up on some movies I wanted to watch too!

Of course, a bonfire was in my schedule with intermittent soaks in the hot tub! Yeah!!!

Also, I got to create some great new recipes for CookingWithKimberly.com too!

Well, that was my great week in a nutshell! I hope you all had a wonderful week and a relaxing weekend too!

I will be shooting with my favorite photographer this week! I am psyched…We’ll be going outdoors again and by the lake! Should be great!

Until next time…

I am and will continue to be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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