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I've been doing a lot of research about stem cells lately, on my own... ...I have concluded that as long as they are harvested in a non-controversial or painful manner, that they could be indispensible for your health and your immediate relatives! Let me Explain: C'elle is a system for non-invasively collecting your own menstrual blood - as a woman - in the privacy and comfort of your own home - that naturally has an abundance of stem cells in it. The stem cells they can harvest out of Read more [...]

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No word of a lie... All week long, I've been somehow choosing to stand next to the people in the room with the WORST BREATH EVER! What is going on people??? It is important to brush your teeth & YOUR TONGUE EVERYDAY! If you don't brush your tongue, you're missing most of the stink that accumulates in your mouth! GUM toothbrushes are my favorite - they feel the best on my gums! :) In fact, you should be doing this 3 times a day after you eat every meal. It would be even better Read more [...]

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If you become a new customer of Charter Communications or upgrade your service, you are eligible to win a TV every day throughout April! How do you get into this deal? Well, at Charter.com, you can use their simple website to build the service bundle that works best for you and is best for your needs. Once you have your service installed, you are entered to win! You're also entered to win the grand prize package of a 52" LCD Flat Screen HDTV, a Home Theatre System and 1 year of Free Charter Read more [...]

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Okay...Thought I'd let you in on my "drama"...LOL On Saturday, I went out to watch my hubby and friends play beach volleyball and thought I'd get a head start on my Texas tan! I went to the tanning bed only a few times in Canada, but got an okay base tan, just so I wouldn't burn, as I know we are very active and "outdoorsy" and I didn't want to burn. So, it was very cool and overcast in the morning, but I wore my bikini anyway! It warmed up and I got to catch some rays. After a few Read more [...]

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That's what I said... I knew that would catch your attention, especially while those purse strings are still a little tight... Sears is offering 75-80% off of Original Prices on Fall & Winter Apparel until April 18th! They have a lot of cute outfits, jeans, dresses, undies...the whole nine yards - even for men and children. Of course, I'm always looking for multi-purpose pieces that can work in different seasons or can be dressed up or dressed down. I found the "perfect", little Read more [...]

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You wouldn't believe how often I'm asked what perfume I wear... I own a lot of perfume, but stick to my few favorites that are "signature fragrances" for me! I have my favorite inexpensive perfume, a mid-priced fave, and a high priced fave... Today, I'll share with you the fragrance I've been wearing since I was a pre-teen, and all of my old friends will tell you it reminds them of me... I love Wild Musk by Coty - Now, before you go getting your knickers in a knot, it doesn't smell Read more [...]

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No doubt, if you're pregnant, you're being especially careful as to what you put in and on your body. That goes for beauty products as well. You may not have been so careful before you were pregnant, but now you've got another person inside of you that you are exceptionally attached to and in charge of protecting. Have you been searching for safe beauty products and treatments, but to no avail? Here is the solution to your problem... The Pregnant Woman's Beauty Book is a fabulous Read more [...]

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So sorry I haven't updated in a while...I've been a very busy girl! 1. Thank you all so much for checking out my autographed photos, and a special thanks to those of you who ordered them! 2. I wanted to update you that I had a great photo shoot last month with a wonderful photographer, Sue Ore, and one of my favorite make-up artists, Staceylee Estabrooks. I should be getting more of the photos back soon, so I can show everyone...Plus, they'll be added to the options for autographs. 3. Read more [...]

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Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank is a serious concern for so many nowadays in this economic crisis. When I think about glasses though, I'm not going to wear a pair of glasses that aren't at least stylish! So, it can be a real challenge as to where to find glasses that are the right prescription for you, and that are stylish to boot! As you know, I've covered a website called Zenni in the past, and guess what I saw today... Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! That's right! Seems Read more [...]

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Alright Everyone! Here's the Deal: I've entered to win this job as caretaker of Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. You have to Vote for Kimberly so I can win the job! 5 Stars is the best rating, so be sure to hover over the stars and click on the 5th star. If I win, I'll be able to bring you the best of the Great Barrier Reef Islands of the Great Barrier Reef for 6 months on a video blog! Therefore, I'll be in a bikini for 6 months straight! LOL Here's my video you can vote Read more [...]

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I've been getting asked this more these past few days, and I suppose I need to make the navigation of the site better. I have my eyes on a new theme that is sure to please and make everyone happy, and make it easier to find everything they'd want or need on here. However, there is a page, if you hover over the menu tab at the top of this page, that is called: Autographed Photos of Kimberly I haven't put every photo in your choices, simply because I've been extremely busy. So, if there Read more [...]

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table salt I AM! More than I could even explain to you! I'm glad that we're really starting to see manufacturers of food giving us alternative choices, not just low-cal options either. I mean for people who have limitations in their diet for Sodium and Salt intake, or whether they have high cholesterol, are obese or shouldn't have sugar or refined flour and other ingredients, there are more choices out there. Why am I being so "funny" about this? I guess I'm being funny because 1 in 3 children are Read more [...]

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Okay...let me tell you that in Canada, more so than in the USA, when commercials come on, they are louder. They've been doing that forever, but now, the volume of the commercials is ridiculously loud. It is so much louder than the show that you are forced to turn down or even mute the TV when the commercials are on. If you reduce the volume, then you often miss the first few seconds when the show you're watching comes back on again. It's an on-again, off-again thing, idiotic cycle and Read more [...]

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Recently, I wrote an article on tips for guys to buy jewelry for their sweetheart on Valentine's Day and other occasions, and now I wish I would have added some more information. Honestly guys, if your girl is somewhat of a glamorous lady, then go for the diamonds boys! I know, I know...you're freaking out about the cost of them. Well, I've got a tip for you! More often than not, you can buy loose diamonds and get it set for much less than what you could buy a finished piece of jewelry Read more [...]

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Hello Everyone, Haven't had a shoot in a while, but here is a tiny taste of my latest from today... Photographer - Sue Ore from Oh Shoot! Make Up Artist & Hair - Staceylee Estabrooks from Mobile Makeup There are more to come, and I'll post them as I get a chance to! Let me know what you think by Commenting in the Comment Box Below! *** I hope you enjoyed this Modeling Portfolio post on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time... I Am & Will Continue Read more [...]