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Please Brush Your Teeth and Use Mouthwash Regularly


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No word of a lie…

All week long, I’ve been somehow choosing to stand next to the people in the room with the WORST BREATH EVER!

What is going on people???

It is important to brush your teeth & YOUR TONGUE EVERYDAY! If you don’t brush your tongue, you’re missing most of the stink that accumulates in your mouth!

GUM toothbrushes are my favorite – they feel the best on my gums! 🙂

In fact, you should be doing this 3 times a day after you eat every meal. It would be even better if you did after a snack too.

Yes, brushing your teeth keeps them clean, white, prevents cavities and freshens your breath!

Listerine Advanced Arctic Mint 250 mlPlease use mouthwash!!! Even if you don’t smell your own breath, it doesn’t mean someone else’s stomach isn’t being upset by that YUK-mouth you’ve got going on!

I’m sorry I’m being so harsh about this. I guess I just feel this is basic hygiene – basic etiquette.

We went to the movies to see Fast and the Furious the other day, and we had people sitting behind us with breath that was making me feel sick to my stomach! We had to sit in the front row at the Grand in Dallas – yeah, try watching an action flick in the front row of the theater…

I didn’t care, their breath was so bad, and covering my nose wasn’t cutting it!

Now, I love my Christian people – you’re not exempt either!

In fact, we’ve had a revival of sorts at our Church this week every night, but I seem to pick out the stinkiest breath people to stand next to during worship time…Raw onion breath last night.

The night before, my hubby asked me who kept passing gas! I told him it was the man’s breath next to me!

Listerine Oral Strips, Kills Germs, 24/BX, CinnamonIt’s so easy to chew a piece of gum, use a Listerine strip or something…anything!

Did you know that mouth hygiene and health  is directly related to how healthy you, as a person, in your body, are?

It’s true! People with bad mouth hygiene are unhealthy people, get sick more often and have other health issues too many times!

Be aware of what’s going on in your mouth…PLEASE!


I hope you enjoyed this Health Tip on Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. If you find a gum you like, buy it in bulk so it’s cheaper – like a 12 pack! I always prefer Trident because it’s sugar-free, the flavor lasts a long time and it’s good for your teeth if you don’t get to brush after a meal:

Cadbury Sugar-free Trident Gum - Mint, Raspberry - Individually Wrapped - 12 / Pack Cadbury Sugar-free Trident Gum – Mint, Raspberry – Individually Wrapped – 12 / Pack

Sugar-free Trident gum contains Xylitol to clean and protect teeth. Each pack contains 12 individually wrapped pieces.

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