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RedBox Rocks!


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Have you tried using a Red Box yet?

RedBox is a machine, often found in or outside of your local grocery stores, convenience stores, super stores or drug stores that you can rent newly released and classic movie DVDs for $1 per night.

Mountain MTN38056R Red Side Box for 56 Inch Tool Cabinet and Chest Combo

You have to use your credit card, so be prepared. You scroll through that machine’s collection and choose your movie(s) for the night.

You’ll receive it out of a little slot in the machine, which is also where you’ll return the DVD to.

You will be charged $1 per night, so be aware of that while you have the rental DVD out.

Yes, it knows your information too because you have to register with your credit card before you can rent.

It’s an automated touch screen, so it’s really easy to use.

Try it out and Enjoy Discounted Movie Rentals!


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