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Softball/Baseball Coach, Kimberly Edwards, Teaches You How to Condition & Refresh Your Glove


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Softball/Baseball Glove Maintenance - http://Kimberly-Edwards.com

Softball/Baseball Glove Maintenance - http://Kimberly-Edwards.comIt’s important you “bond” with your glove in softball or baseball because it’s actually an extension of your body when you’re on the field.

In fact, I always and still do sleep with my softball glove next to my bed, but more so, it’s important you take care of your glove with good maintenance.

You want to work in, condition, moisturize and refresh your glove whenever needed.

The simplest, most inexpensive and easy way to do this is by using basic shaving cream. Watch the glove maintenance tutorial below, and I’ve included the instructions below as well.

Why? Because not only does shaving cream smell good, but it has moisturizers for your face or legs in it, which in turn will refresh your glove, especially if you happen to have “stinky glove syndrome”…you all know what I’m talking about, and it will keep it conditioned and moisturized to boot.

You smother your glove in the shaving cream and work it in all the seams, pockets, leather ties and surfaces of your glove, working it in like lotion until the white shaving cream disappears.

If you are first breaking in a glove, you will want to do this repeatedly until you feel you have broken in your glove appropriately, in between using the glove for practice and games, or in the off-season, is best.

You will want to do this often as well if you’re simply refreshing your glove and keeping it moisturized.

What you will then do is put a ball in the pocket of the softball or baseball mitt, and wrap it so it dries and sits unused like that while you’re not using it.

This tutorial should help you maintain a fabulous glove. Play hard out there!


I hope you enjoyed this Sports Tutorial on Livin’ Like Kimberly Edwards. Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards

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