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Something I Have Never Seen Before


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kimberly edwards nails

kimberly edwards nailsI was driving yesterday, and admittedly I was on the cell phone…I was feeling a little bit like a rebel until I saw the girl driving next to me.

She was about 22 or so, and was painting her nails a hot pink color while she was driving! Yes, people…do you know what kind of skill that takes?

I could not believe my eyes…I’ve seen people putting lipstick on, eyeliner, even mascara, and I thought that was pushing it, but painting your nails! Wow…That’s something new!!!

* Tip: Do Not Try This In Your Own Car!!! In fact, if you see someone doing this in a car near you, maneuver your car away from theirs…

* Tip: Problem is, I didn’t see if she did a good job…Her whole fingers might have been hot pink too! LOL

Until next time…

I am and will continue to be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Need your own Hot Pink Nail Polish to paint your nails while YOU’RE NOT DRIVING? LOL…Check out this really pretty neon shade…It always makes you look more tanned for summer:

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