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Web Chef Review: Tangerine Lilly Naturals Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum - kimberly-turner.com Tangerine Lilly Naturals Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum is something we're excited to share our experience of with you. An effective way to transport vitamin C underneath your skin is provided with Tangerine Lilly's Stay-C 50 vitamin C formulation - a special version of vitamin C that provides a concentrated delivery system for the highest form of bio-available vitamin C. The structure of this molecule also prevents its destruction from oxidation, and helps with absorption. Did you know...? Vitamin Read more [...]

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Fresh & Clean - Photo: Jennifer McCready - Kimberly-Edwards.com If you say you've never had an issue with sweat marks in your life, as a woman, you're lying... I don't believe it. It's something that me, as well as all my close girlfriends and women in my family have spoken about and shared our secrets with each other. We all want to stop underarms sweat sometimes, don't we? I don't mind sweating. I loved living in Australia & in the Southern USA. Summer is my favorite season. I love working hard in the yard, playing sports, going for a run, wrestling Read more [...]