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Web Chef Review: Rainbow Mums from Harvest Barn Country Markets - kimberly-turner.com Rainbow Mums from Harvest Barn Country Markets will certainly brighten up someone's day... Looking like a natural, multicolored fireworks explosion of flowers, these rainbow mums are stunning starburst. Flowers are always a beautiful gift and a great pick-me-up, and we'd like to thank Sue Enrich from Harvest Barn for sending these home for my Mother. Find out about this product on this webisode of What I Say About Stuff: The size of an outstretched hand, these gorgeous, fresh flowers Read more [...]

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Another dream I had last night, Kenney and I were admiring my mother's new plants and landscaping at my old childhood home (in this dream, my mother was still living there...)... She had planted some beautiful trees that were very unique looking, some were weeping trees, a few birches, I believe. She had an entire flower bed of bleeding hearts that were so very beautiful. I was disappointed, though, that my mother stayed in the house - she didn't feel like coming out to show Read more [...]