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Long Hair - Canadian model, Kimberly Edwards Fan Questions: Do you feel a physical characteristic of a person helps you identify with them? What characteristic do you feel defines you as a model/person, Kimberly? Photo right: Model: Kimberly Edwards; Photo: Lee Geyer; MUA/Hair: Beauty in Motion; Styling: Kimberly Edwards; Jewelry: "K, Turn Around" Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards; Agency: Kapow Models & Talent Agency One thing that has always defined me, whether it be me modeling or in everyday life, is my long hair. I've always Read more [...]

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As you all know, I have VERY long hair, and I'm always trying to ensure that it is healthy and happy! Photo left: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Zdenka Micka, Hair by Jenny D, Make-up by Kimberly Edwards Jenny D, my hair stylist, gave me a tip so as not to dry out your hair in the shower. Most of us take warm or hot showers, and most of us probably wash our hair first before you do anything else. You probably also condition your hair lastly! What happens to your hair in during the middle Read more [...]