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Web Chef Review: EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Nighttime Serum - kimberly-turner.com What do I think about EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Nighttime Serum? Firstly, this is a non-prescription product that helps safely grow & strengthen your lashes, as well as repairing lash damage. It is both ophthalmologist & dermatologist tested too. If you're looking for longer, stronger, thicker & fuller lashes and eyebrows, Envyderm Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Nighttime Serum could be the product you've been looking for. Find out about this product Read more [...]

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I'm posting a helpful article from Alexis Gould today to help everyone with their eyeliner application and to let them know what options they have by way of different types of eyeliners. Personally, I don't wear much eyeliner, only liquid above the upper lashes in everyday life. However, when I'm at a shoot, the make up artists I work with use a wide array of eyeliners and applications. Check it out: Eyeliners 101 - How to Apply Pencil, Liquid, Fluid and Powder Eyeliners By Alexis Gould There Read more [...]

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* Beauty Tip: Rich color is in style this season with vibrant reds in matte lip-color...You may even want to try some of the new lip stains that are so fashionable this season... My cousin sent me this photo of her at our Grandmother and Grandfather's house... Apparently, as the story goes, she got into my mother's lipstick and voilĂ ...Instant cute! She says she didn't get into trouble either...since it was so adorable! My mother says she remembers this all too well! LOL... I Read more [...]

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Hello... If you're a make-up artist in the Niagara Region, that would like to expand their portfolio, I have a photo shoot in Hamilton this Tuesday, and I NEED YOU! Photo left: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Zdenka Micka, MUA Christina Trozzolo I have a hair stylist on board already, but my MUA had to cancel last minute! The shoot will be from approximately 9am- late afternoon... I will drive and be able to pick you up and bring you home! You will be able to use the photos as you wish Read more [...]