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Colorful Pattern Evening Bag - wholesalehandbags1.com It's time for fun in the sun, and you crave the easy, breezy fashion of the season, so wholesale bags are the perfect way to accent your looks. When Summer rolls around, you're likely a bit of a chameleon when it comes to your looks - beach bum, breezy girly, sexy nights, sporty... Well if your fashion statements are as changeable as my moods, then you're likely needing a different purse or bag to carry all of your important belongings with you. You know, your ID, lip gloss, money, phone, keys, Read more [...]

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What I often like to do when I'm getting bored of my choice of bikinis, especially when traveling, is mix and match tops and bottoms. Just about anything goes by way of fashion at the beach. So, just make sure you have similar materials for the tops and bottoms and you're good to go. I especially make sure I pick up basic bikinis without patterns in many different colors, so I can mix and match when I get bored. Try matching a basic top or bottom with a patterned opposite, or pick Read more [...]

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Alright people - it's nearing the end of summer, so get out there and get your fashion "on"! Enjoy every last drop of sunshine and fun before it's too late...Get your sandals out and get on out that door... Ladies, when leaving the house you want to look summerlicious, don't you? I know I do! So, here are 3 easy looks for the rest of summer so you look beachy and fun: 1. women's wedges - These babies are rocking the house this summer, as with most summers. Get yourself a great wedge Read more [...]

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This summer took a long time to get hot in Ontario this year, and what did I think is "Hot" right now? Well, in Australia, they have these boots that they wear around the house, etc. called "Uggs"...some places they call them pugs... I found some "boots" that truly resemble the "ugg" theme...They were not made of sheepskin, however, so they were much thinner and cooler... So, wearing a cute sloganed t-shirt with a shorter skirt and the "pretend pugs"...That's hot this summer! Complete Read more [...]