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How Can I Keep My Teeth White & Still Drink Tea? A predicament I'm often in - Especially with Homemade Chai Tea! I love to drink tea!!! It's probably my favorite beverage right after water... ...But I model and often have close ups on my teeth...They have to be white too! What Do I Do? Well, a little known fact is that you can put a bit of milk in your tea - that's all you need. Why Does This Work? Well, it's the tannins in your tea that cause your teeth to discolor. Read more [...]

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Well, if you know me, you'll know that I'm crazy about green tea... Contrary to popular belief, probably because green tea is touted to be such a healthy drink for you, green tea has lots of caffeine in it...If you stopped drinking regular black tea because you were trying to cut caffeine out...well, let me tell you that this is not the case. However, Green Tea has many antioxidants and is good for you nonetheless... I found a neat test for you to try to see how "caffeined up" you get...LOL...I Read more [...]