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Tangerine Dream Foaming Facial Cleanser by Rachel Perry – Product Review


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Rachel Perry Skin Care Cleanser - Tangerine Dream, 6 ozAgain another Rachel Perry fragrance victory…Delicious smell of a Tangerine Dream!

It is a pleasure to wake up in the morning to wash your face to this fresh, tangy scent!

A bottle of Rachel Perry Tangerine Dream Foaming Facial Cleanser seems to be a generous portion of face wash, and I especially like foaming facial cleansers, although they are often touted to dry your face out too much.

However, this foaming cleanser is specially formulated so that it doesn’t strip your skin of vital oils that are good for your face…It removes dirt and excess oil.

Great pump bottle that makes it easier to dispense the product instead of uncapping a bottle. The pump bottle allows you to use “the perfect amount” for you.

This face wash has alpha-hydroxy acids, including Glycolic Acid (sugar cane extract), Citric Acid (citrus extract), Malic Acid (sugar maple extract) and Lactic Acid (bilberry extract).

It also contains infusions of tangerine peel, goldenseal, aloe vera, chamomile, echinacea, lemon grass, sage, milk thistle, elder flower, suma, grapefruit seed, passion flower, cucumber and papaya, beta glucan (modified oat flour), NaPCA, babassu, copaiba, Peg-50 shea butter, licorice extract and oil of tangerines…

No wonder it smells so divine!

This product gets a big thumbs up from me!


I hope you find this Beauty Product Review helpful from Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Get your own bottle and experience this delicious scent and a great face wash:

Rachel Perry Skin Care Cleanser - Tangerine Dream, 6 oz Rachel Perry Skin Care Cleanser – Tangerine Dream, 6 oz

Tangerine Dream Foaming Facial Cleanser is formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids in a mild, luxurious and refreshing foaming facial cleansing wash that helps remove dirt, excess oil, and make-up without irritating, drying or stripping the skin. An amazing new concept, unparalleled in skin cleansing, that not only removes what you don’t want, but gives you back the essential elements needed for extraordinary skin. Formulated with naturally derived Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids, known to dramatically renew and revitalize skin by dissolving dead, dry surface cells, helping to eliminate dullness and fine lines. The gentle foaming acting removes dirt, excess oil and makeup without irritating, drying or stripping skin of moisture or pH Balance. Soothes, re-moisturizes and fights Free Radicals with NaPCA, an oxygenating complex of Botanicals and ‘Sustainably Harvested’ Plant extracts from rain forest areas. ‘For All Skin Types’, ‘Non-Comedogenic’.


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