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TV Commercials Have Gone Too Far in Canada


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Sharp Electronics AQUOS LC-37D44U LCD 37Okay…let me tell you that in Canada, more so than in the USA, when commercials come on, they are louder.

They’ve been doing that forever, but now, the volume of the commercials is ridiculously loud.

It is so much louder than the show that you are forced to turn down or even mute the TV when the commercials are on.

If you reduce the volume, then you often miss the first few seconds when the show you’re watching comes back on again.

It’s an on-again, off-again thing, idiotic cycle and it’s getting REALLY annoying.

The reason they increase the volume during commercials is because the advertisers are aware that during commercials, you’re going to the restroom, getting a snack or drink, or doing something else, all of which is detracting your attention away from their important message! LOL…

Now, a little increase in volume would be fine…I get it…that’s how television stations make a lot of their revenue on advertising and that, yes, they want you to hear those fabulous commercials.

However, they are so loud now that it’s stupid…we are muting the noise during commercials and now, you have no chance of getting an advertiser’s message heard.

We’re not the only ones…it’s a topic of conversation with friends and other family alike.

Seriously, this is a plea from the citizens of Canada to every television station out there:

Please, turn down the volume on the commercials…Save our eardrums and give your advertisers a chance.

I’m not a commercial “hater”…In fact, I often enjoy watching them, if they’re clever and make sense. Please stop!

My husband and I do a lot of work in marketing and advertising and enjoy a lot of commercials…maybe even more than other people do…LOL…and WE ARE TIRED of the volume!

If you’re experiencing similar issues when watching the tube, let me know by Leaving a Comment in the Comment Box Below!


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