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What’s New with Kimberly? NewsTabulous


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Did You Know?

Kimberly is a prolific writer and editor for a News website called NewsTabulous.com? Huh! Now, you know!


Check out Kimberly’s articles whenever you get a chance.

Her journalism ranges from World News, Entertainment, Special Interest, Local, Fashion, Sports and everything in between. Her coverage of the Japan earthquake, tsunami & nuclear crisis has been extensive.

Head on over and support her and NewsTabulous.com, where their tagline is “It’s News…Just Waaaaay Better!”

They pride themselves on providing concise, easy to understand news in a hip, fresh way.

Kimberly also owns and writes numerous other websites & blogs, as she is very involved in the community and has many hobbies in her life that have inevitably turned into businesses and passions.

I guess Kimberly isn’t just another pretty face.

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