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Wind Chimes Make Working in the Garden Fun


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I do a lot of working outside in the yard and gardens in Niagara Falls and in Dallas.

Hot days can fell very long and boring when you don’t have any amusement other than weeding, bagging and mowing.

Garden wind chimes (aside from reminding me of the movie “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle”…LOL), make working in the yard much more fun, peaceful and tranquil.

Wind Chimes from Outdora

You stop concentrating on all the hard labor you’re doing and enjoy their beautiful sounds.

I like the bamboo and shell type garden wind chimes because they remind me of being in Australia – I can still smell the ocean air and hear their sounds.

Bamboo & Shells Wind Chimes from Outdora

So, when working on the investment properties we fix up, I like to hang a wind chime to uplift us while we “toil”.

It’s so funny how noises can remind you of home. Whenever I hear a certain type of wind chime, it reminds me of being at my mother and father’s home in Canada and my youth.

There were also garden wind chimes “Up North” at our cottage on Lake Huron. So nostalgic.

Garden Wind Chimes

Sounds like these can really be “noise therapy” – it can calm you, bring back memories and make dull errands much more enjoyable.

Outdora.com has a wide selection of wind chimes of all sorts, whatever your sound and style preferences. Plus, I think it’s the  neatest thing that they have audio samples of all their wind chimes, so you can “try before you buy” and get the one you love most.

If you’re not into wind chimes, whether they be aluminium or bamboo, you might fall in love with their wide variety of wind bells too…they are so charming and there are so many choices!

Wind Bells from Outdora

Let the gentle breeze power those soothing sounds and keep you abuzz in your back-yard!


I hope you enjoyed this Life post on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Thinking of getting wind chimes for your outdoor space? Check out Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes too!

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