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Working Smarter, Not Harder to Lose Weight


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Anyone interested in getting healthy & trimming some inches, and some tips to lose weight fast?

Being Fat:

brainIf you wish to lose weight, you absolutely need to be committed to the cause.

No crisis or situation is important enough to cause you to go back to stuffing yourself with sugar, fast & starches. Be ruled by your brain & give up your love affair with your stomach.

Also, at some point during every day, you will be walking, running or exercising faithfully for at least 45 minutes.

10 Tips for Losing Weight:

  1. Bad Foods: Eat food that you know you should be eating, controlling your intake of fats, starches & sugars.This isn’t rocket science. It’s very simple.
  2. Water: Drink a large glass of water 1/2 hour before each meal, not during and not immediately after meals.
  3. Good Foods: Incorporate lost of vegetables & unsweetened fruits into your meals, and eat as many as you like of them at each meal. The more colorful, the better.
  4. Caffeine: Limit yourself to 2 cups of coffee or tea during your day, not more…Oh, and no cream. If you must, add milk to them.
  5. Brain Work: Allow your brain to rule you & your stomach — not your stomach to rule you and your brain. Your stomach wont’ like it until you show that your brain is now in charge.
  6. Exercise: Get a fitness regimen going in any way you wish for at least 45 min – 1 hr per day, taking off one day. The best is 1/2 hr in the morning & 1/2 hour in the evening.
  7. Frivolities: No donuts, bagels, sweetened juices, creamy treats, or high calorie desserts. The less of these you ingest, the quicker you get to your goal.
  8. Sleep: Get at least 8 hrs of sleep per night. Your body can’t work & resist food temptations, if you don’t sleep enough.
  9. Meditation & Prayer: Meditate & pray, if you can. Meditation is more difficult than you could imagine, and if you believe in a god or higher power, just pray sincerely. Especially, pray for the results you want. It may be that you have not because you ask not.
  10. Determination & Perseverance: Don’t give up – even if your stomach wins a few battles! Persevere!

I hope these tips to lose weight fast will help you on your road to health, self confidence, and much success.

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