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Cool Beauty Product Review: Stonechurch Vineyards ‘Fruit of the Vine’ Wine Soap


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Stonechurch Wine Soaps - Kimberly-Edwards.com

Stonechurch Wine Soaps - Kimberly-Edwards.comA while back, my parents and I did a bit of a wine tour of our scenic, local wineries in Niagara.

I loved the wine I tasted at Stonechurch Vineyards, and we had a bit of a stroll through their gift shop area.

Mom and I found these very interesting little soaps made from wine.

Their soaps are called “Fruit of the Vine Wine Soap” from Stonechurch Vineyards, made of a glycerine base.

They had a wide variety of brilliant and beautiful colors to choose from, so we grabbed a few.

Stonechurch Vineyards Wine Soaps - Kimberly-Edwards.comAnother reason we grabbed a few is that they are rather small pieces of soap. So, instead of suffering with one small piece of soap, I used 3 different ones, wet the pieces of soap, stacked them, and allowed them to dry. Now, I have a beautiful piece of soap made of wine that’s substantial for the shower! Nice!

When you purchase your wine soap @ Stonechurch Vineyards, be sure to grab soap in a few different colors that accent your bathroom, like I did.

I finally broke these bad boys open, as they found their way to the back of a cupboard to be forgotten.

They smell beautiful, clean well and make you feel good inside that you are supporting your local businesses, not to mention it was a clever product idea.

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I hope you enjoy this Beauty Product Review on Livin’ Like Kimberly Edwards. Until next time…

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