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Get Social with Kimberly Edwards


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Kimberly Edwards "Flamenco Graffiti" - Kimberly-Edwards.com

Kimberly Edwards "Flamenco Graffiti" - Kimberly-Edwards.comIf you`re here reading this post, then you must be a fan of Kimberly Edwards.

So, we would like to extend the invitation to you all to get social with Kimberly.

She has numerous ways available for you to connect & follow her everyday life and different hobbies & interests she has.

  • Now that you’re all warmed up, check out one of the charities that Kimberly founded and holds dear for breast cancer patients & survivors, LivingPink.info, “Like” the fan page on Facebook @ LivingPink.info, and/or follow on Twitter @LivingPinkInfo. Maybe even make a donation on the website, as it is greatly appreciated. Kimberly’s mother is a 6 year breast cancer survivor.
  • Then, educated yourself & share with others, and/or make a donation on the website, when you check out the other charity Kimberly founded for a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, which prematurely took her father’s life. You will find the website @ RhabdomyosarcomaInfo.com, “Like” the fan page on Facebook @ Rhabdomyosarcoma Info, and/or follow on Twitter @Rhabdomyosarcma.
  • Maybe Terriers as pets are one of your passions in life, as they are in Kimberly’s. Check out TerrierLover.com for a little bit of fun, great information & photos of terriers of every breed, “Like” the fan page on Facebook @ TerrierLover.com, and/or follow on Twitter @TerrierLove.
  • It’s possible terriers aren’t your thing, and maybe the Exotic Animals of the world are…this is one of Kimberly’s passions too – the education & preservation of exotic animals all over the world. Check out ExoticAnimalLover.com for information on most animals you could even think of, as well as fabulous photos, and great material on caring for your exotic pets at home, “Like” the fan page on Facebook @ ExoticAnimalLover.com, and/or follow on Twitter @ExoticAnimalLuv.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while, and is a great way to get to know Kimberly Edwards.


I hope you enjoyed this What’s New with Kimberly Edwards post on Life of Kimberly Edwards. Until next time…

She Is & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards

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