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Google Android Applications to Launch in a Few Days


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I think I would do well with a Google Android phone.


Firstly, because I travel a lot, Android Storage would allow me to access photos, movies/videos, music and files, virtually, from the unlimited storage space online that would stream seamlessly to my phone without using my phone’s memory card.

Secondly, when we’re in town, we’re always on the go – with me modeling, representing a celebrity client, and working on real estate properties with my husband, I need all the photo and file application umph I can get.

Basically, it’s like you have a local memory for your phone, but it’s accessed remotely! That leaves your phone memory free for other apps you may need, instead of storing those larger files.

There will be 4 apps available: AStunes, AScinema, ASpics & ASdisk

I’m a movie freak, so the AScinema would be fabulous for me while traveling, and ASdisk would allow me to work on the go, as I’m always doing!!! This would really help me out a ton.

Google’s about to lauch a set of main applications for the phone that 350 million users in the US and UK are expected to use.

Also, these services and apps will be available to 300 million Chinese @ AndroidStorage.cn.


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