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The Dream JournalAlright people, many of you may not know that I am a dreamer – a serious dreamer.

Often, the dreams I have come true in some shape or form – sometimes sooner than later.

I dream just about every night, so you may be in for a treat.

This is a rare glimpse into my dream-life – also, it will help me document them too.

Now, I have “normal” dreams everyone else does, with purple cats & dogs and wild adventures where I’m flying…I even have the odd nightmare, much less than I used to, by the way, where I am trying to run but don’t seem to be getting anywhere or I’m being attacked and try to scream but nothing comes out…

…but as I said earlier, I have some serious dreams of foresight too.

I can really surprise my family at times with the dreams I tell them about that either show them I’ve seen something I wouldn’t have otherwise ever known about, or tell them something that will happen. I’ve even told my mother to be careful one day in the kitchen, so as to save her from potential harm and injury – and it helped – but that’s a story for another day – of course, I’ll share these interesting things with you as we go!

Please do not get this mistaken – God offers me a glimpse, for whatever reason, into what may happen.

Sometimes, they are dreams of fore-warning, sometimes meant for an encouragement to people.

However, when I have “that kind of dream”, I just know it – I can’t really explain how I do, but when I have one, I am well aware it’s one to file in my memory banks not to forget for the future.

Some dreams I will tell you, and some I may need to keep tucked under my hat. I do whatever the Lord “instructs” me, and determine that either by Him telling me directly in my dream or otherwise, or by my “gutt” feeling.

So, I hope you enjoy my dreams, compare them with your own, and feel free to interpret dreams, as there are Christian dream interpreters out there.

I must ask, though, if you are not interpreting my dreams in a Christian light, and instead by a “worldly” or psychological light, please refrain.

To be clear – I am NOT a pyschic by any means!!!

Some people who are fellow Christians label me as a “dreamer” with the gift of “prophesying”.

That may be deep for some of you, but to me, it’s everyday life…

What I have learned, however, by studying what dreams are all about is that they are a communication with God. Sometimes, you may feel you have a “crazy”, “strange” dream, but they are a way for God to communicate with you.

Know Why?
Probably because God has your undivided attention – you can’t over-talk or interrupt Him. All you need to do is listen, take it in, and remember it in the morning! LOL…

My father-in-law has been encouraging me to write down my dreams to “inspect” them and to be able to revisit them in the future, if necessary.

As I haven’t been doing a really great job at doing this, and only writing down the dreams I feel are “worthwhile”, I may be missing some serious lessons. So, I’m going to try to do better and this Dream Journal should help me do just that.

So, not only is this dream journal for your “entertainment” and interest, but it is valuable to me and will help me with developing my inner spiritual ear!

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I hope you enjoy the journey I’ll take you on with my Dream Journal on the Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. If you’re interested in finding out what your dreams may mean through a Christian approach, try out this book for size:

Dream Encyclopedia: A Christian Approach Dream Encyclopedia: A Christian Approach

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