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The Pink Dog-Cat Dream


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Alright, I promised I’d share my interesting dreams I have at night…

My dreams often take place at or around my childhood home or neighborhood, which this one does as well.

I was with my husband in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada about 1 block away from where I went to grade school and we were walking “home”. Now, by “home”, I mean my childhood home, which is about 4 blocks from this location.

As we were walking “home” during the last hour or so of daylight, from who knows where, a small, fluffy white dog that had been dipped in pink (as they did back in the 70s with poodles) came up to me.

It had a collar on, but strange tags. There was no phone number, name or even license number…It was a year (1941) and had an engraving of a large boat – like a passenger oceanliner, and the word Tapenade.

I got that the owners were immigrants of some kind back in the 40s – for whatever reason, they used this indicator as the dog’s identification.

Now, since I’m a foodie (one of my other websites is CookingWithKimberly.com, if you haven’t checked it out yet), I know what a tapenade is – it’s a Provençal dish (southeastern France on the Mediterranean) paste made out of crushed olives, capers and anchovies mixed with olive oil. It’s used as an hors d’oeuvre and spread on bread, typically, or used to stuff fillets for a main dish. It looks like this:


Anyway, since I know this, the dog was probably a poodle with longer hair, as the poodle is a French dog too.


(I know this dog photo above doesn’t look like the “typical” poodle with the pretty hair cut you may traditionally know, but when looking up “Poodle” in Wikipedia, this is a 17th Century engraving of a poodle – This is exactly what the little dog looked like in my dream – WOW – but he was pink. So, not only was he “dipped” in pink like a traditional poodle, but he was a poodle!)

I couldn’t figure out where the dog came from and didn’t see anyone around searching for their dog, and as it was getting dark, we had decided to bring the dog with us until we could decipher where it’s owners were, much against what my hubby really felt like doing, but he agreed nonetheless.

So, this dog keeps morphing into a pink poodle-like dog and a pink long-haired, Persian cat – interesting, right?

Anyway, it’s very lovable and gets along with us well. We get it home and it makes a “nest” of sorts on some blankets.

Unfortunately, I woke up shortly thereafter, so I couldn’t finish the dream – I’ll let you know if I get to finish it some time or what…LOL…Sorry to have to leave y’all hangin’!

I thought this was an interesting dream – it was riddled with intrigue on who the dog/cat owner was…Hmmm…France?

I looked up “1941 France” on Wikipedia and came up with 2 possibilities that had to do with ships:

January 17th, 1941 – Battle of Koh Chang, which was a victory by the French over the Thai Navy

December 12th, 1941 – USA seizes French ship Normandie

What is that about then?

* So, I hope you enjoy my dreams, compare them with your own, and feel free to interpret dreams, as there are Christian dream interpreters out there.

I must ask, though, if you are not interpreting my dreams in a Christian light, and instead by a “worldly” or psychological light, please refrain.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my Dream Journal on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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