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Tired of Losing Your Glitter in the Wash?


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If you’re a girl that likes glitter like I do, chances are you have a lot of clothing with glitter on them.

Do you worry about washing them in the washing machine and losing all of the glitz?

If so, here’s a few simple, easy ways to help keep the glitter on your clothing instead of washing it down the drain:

1. Wash them in cold water: If you wash them in warm, you’re more likely to melt the adhesive that holds your glitter on.

2. Wash them on the delicate cycle: If you have this cycle on your machine, this will be a lot gentler on your glitter for sure!

3. Spray the glittered areas with hair spray: Simple, easy and it works well too! You can either use aerosol or pump hair spray, but try to use a strong hold product. Be sure to let the area dry before you wash it in cold. In fact, I spray it, then throw it in the laundry basket, so it’s ready to wash whenever I am.

These tips will help the glitter stay on your clothing longer.


I hope you find this Helpful Tip useful from Through the Eyes of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Try a super hold hair spray to help you with that glitter:

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