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Healthy Hair Tip from Maquillage by Farhana


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So, I learned something new yesterday that I didn’t realize before from Farhana of Maquillage by Farhana, while she was doing my make-up.

She told me that you can lightly apply sunscreen on the ends of your hair to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays.

Farhana says this prevents your hair drying out and causing split ends.

UltraMist Ultra Defense Continuous Clear Sunscreen Spray SPF 85In other words, use a light sunscreen that’s easy to apply and thin in nature, so you don’t grease up and weigh hair down, but so that it protects your hair from the sun. I would imagine that a spray sunscreen would be ideal for this purpose, and a clear one at that would probably be even better.

Huh! You learn something new everyday!

Do you put sunscreen in your hair? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


I hope you enjoyed this Beauty Tip on Livin’ Like Kimberly Edwards. Until next time…

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