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So Ready for a Vacation!


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MaldivesThat’s right, people…

…This girl is ready for a vacation – somewhere exotic, warm, beautiful, far away on a beach somewhere!

Maybe on a mountaintop somewhere or in a ski lodge…

Honestly, I just need a little time “out of the ordinary”…the usual grind online, researching real estate or making shoots…

…just a little down-time!

So, I’ve been looking around onine at some deals for all kinds of vacations – all-inclusive or otherwise.

What I found was unbelievable deals, especially from British Airways, right out of Toronto! They’re having their November Seat Sale right now they’re calling a “world sale”…

I usually fly out of Buffalo for convenience and lower prices, so finding deals out of Toronto, like round trips to London, England for $386 or to Paris for $494, I nearly fell out of my chair, literally.

How about a flight to Cairo, Egypt for $654? These are the vacations I’m talking about…

Honestly, we couldn’t go “Up North” in Ontario for cheaper than that!!!

Actually, I have my eyes on a vacation to Maldives for $928. That’s my idea of paradise…

Plus, you can get an “Upgraded” experience with 200+ entertainment options. You’ll also get British Airways’ world class service including complimentary food and cocktails on all flights and some of the most comfortable seats in the industry.

They can also help you plan the best holiday experience for you and your desired destination.

However, you must book by November 19th! That’s the only catch.

What’s your idea of the perfect getaway?

Sign me up! I’m ready to go! I just talked with my hubby about booking a trip…Check it out for yourselves & get your own trip! LOL

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I hope you enjoyed this Life post on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time…

I Am & Will Continue To Be,

Kimberly Edwards :)

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