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The other night, I had a dream I was in the Outback of Australia with my husband. We came upon a group of wallabies, one of which was very interested in what we were doing. This little wallaby approached me and started to want to smell my hair and face and was trying to cuddle me. He was absolutely adorable and had one brown eye and one blue eye. As humans do, I spoke to it softly in a higher pitch tone telling it how cute it was, and told it my name. No sooner did I do that, Read more [...]

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I'm posting a helpful article from Alexis Gould today to help everyone with their eyeliner application and to let them know what options they have by way of different types of eyeliners. Personally, I don't wear much eyeliner, only liquid above the upper lashes in everyday life. However, when I'm at a shoot, the make up artists I work with use a wide array of eyeliners and applications. Check it out: Eyeliners 101 - How to Apply Pencil, Liquid, Fluid and Powder Eyeliners By Alexis Gould There Read more [...]

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For any of you that really know me, you all know I like a little glitz, bling and dazzle. I like anything shiny and sparkly! That's for sure! LOL... Okay, not for everyday or on everything, but you definitely could use a dash of it in your daily wardrobe. Sometimes that one accessory you use is a piece of Hip Hop Jewelry. It can accent your look, give you that bling and not be too overwhelming with your outfit. Now, hip hop bling isn't for everyone, but if you've got a little sass Read more [...]

RedBox Rocks!


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Have you tried using a Red Box yet? RedBox is a machine, often found in or outside of your local grocery stores, convenience stores, super stores or drug stores that you can rent newly released and classic movie DVDs for $1 per night. You have to use your credit card, so be prepared. You scroll through that machine's collection and choose your movie(s) for the night. You'll receive it out of a little slot in the machine, which is also where you'll return the DVD to. You will be Read more [...]

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Many of us, these days, either choose not to have a traditional bank account, don't have the minimum required deposit for opening an account, especially in this economy, or just simply want to stay away from confusing fee structures and statements. Did you know they do credit checks at many banks before they'll let you open any kind of account? Okay, so, they want to check me over so I can give them my money to hold...Does that make sense to you? Maybe you're a teenager who wants to handle Read more [...]

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How Can I Keep My Teeth White & Still Drink Tea? A predicament I'm often in - Especially with Homemade Chai Tea! I love to drink tea!!! It's probably my favorite beverage right after water... ...But I model and often have close ups on my teeth...They have to be white too! What Do I Do? Well, a little known fact is that you can put a bit of milk in your tea - that's all you need. Why Does This Work? Well, it's the tannins in your tea that cause your teeth to discolor. Read more [...]

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What I often like to do when I'm getting bored of my choice of bikinis, especially when traveling, is mix and match tops and bottoms. Just about anything goes by way of fashion at the beach. So, just make sure you have similar materials for the tops and bottoms and you're good to go. I especially make sure I pick up basic bikinis without patterns in many different colors, so I can mix and match when I get bored. Try matching a basic top or bottom with a patterned opposite, or pick Read more [...]

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I know I do... I just came across a website today called ActorCast - are you on it? I just signed up today, but haven't completed all of my profile yet. Basically, it provides aspiring actors all the access they need to the major film and television productions out there... This will level the playing field for actors all over the world trying to land roles in Hollywood. Apparently, ActorCast.com is the offspring of Cast It Systems - an online database compiled for casting directors Read more [...]