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I just won a $500 giftcard for Talbots! (Well, not really - I'm just pretending - living vicariously through my imagination...LOL) Well, if I did win one, what would I buy? Hmmm... They have such beautiful and sophisticated pieces...These are my red chair confessions...LOL I'm always drawn to the basics, first of all - a great fitting pair of jeans or dress pants, a fabulous white blouse in the season's style trend, basic t-shirts and long sleeves for layering. For cool weather, it is essential Read more [...]

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I found the coolest "widget" type thing today to bring to you directly from the UK... It's Diesel U: Music Radio! If you click on the photo below, a boom box comes up and lets you listen to Diesel U live in real time (GMT)... Check this out: Really current and hot music directly from Great Britain... Especially if you're from the UK, you'll appreciate this and enjoy! Have fun... *** I hope you enjoyed this Neat Stuff on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time... I Read more [...]

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I don't know about you, but I love online coupons... In fact, whenever I'm checking out from a website where I'm purchasing, I open up another tab and look for promo codes or online coupons before I click the finish to pay button. You could save a lot of money instantly by doing a quick Google or Yahoo search. Now that I gave you that shopping tip, I wanted to let you in on what kind of electronics we always purchase. My hubby and I are pretty faithful Sony users and I've found a site that Read more [...]

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My hubby and I didn't go to see the movie "Damage" in theaters, and it's about to come out on DVD soon. It looks like it could be a good one to rent. It's got action and wrestling star, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, in it and it seems like a good story line. Check out his preview: I know it's an action/fighting movie and I'm a chick, but I still like a little bit of aggression every now and again - in fact, we watched Rambo last night! LOL Have you seen Damage? Let us know what Read more [...]

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I do a lot of working outside in the yard and gardens in Niagara Falls and in Dallas. Hot days can fell very long and boring when you don't have any amusement other than weeding, bagging and mowing. Garden wind chimes (aside from reminding me of the movie "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle"...LOL), make working in the yard much more fun, peaceful and tranquil. You stop concentrating on all the hard labor you're doing and enjoy their beautiful sounds. I like the bamboo and shell type Read more [...]

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When I think about life, I often see it as simply moving things from one place to another. What do I mean by that? When you grocery shop, for example, you're moving the products you purchase from the store to your home. When you cook it, it's being moved from the packages, is eaten and moved to your stomach. Then, you move it out of your body, which then moves into the environment. This, then will cycle back through, helping to create something that grows. When you clean, you Read more [...]

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Seriously? It's September already? Wow, how time flies! Well, that also means Christmas is around the corner and you'll be looking for some ingenious ideas for the girls and women in your life! So, I thought I'd compile some hot gifts for tweens, teens and adults. Everyone takes a shower...Now, about drying off in style with snazzy and personalized towel wraps from Oh Mint? Perfect for college kids, teenagers and any woman that likes to be a little bit pampered. How cute are these? Read more [...]

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My mother got me an absolutely stunning royal blue Nicole Lee USA purse last month for my birthday. It's quite a bit larger than I'm used to, but I've fallen in love with it. (This photo absolutely does not do this purse and it's color justice!) It's faux croc print, but made of leather and has about 1 dozen half zippers running right up from the bottom to the top of the purse. It comes complete with two chunky tassles on each end at the top. The top of the purse is smaller than Read more [...]

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Well, let's face it! Many of us wear or have to wear glasses... ...this is a daily thing and it should be fun and stylish to do. Why not? So I thought I'd share with you great and inexpensive eyewear for $ 8 Rx eyeglasses (and up)... We all need to take care with our finances right now, so that means shopping more intelligently! I'm going to share with you 3 of My favorite high fashion eyeglasses from Zenni Optical: Okay, these ones are $29.95 for the lenses & frames (however, Read more [...]