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Whatever my favorite headshot is at the time is what I use online and for go-sees, etc. Just wanted to share this one with you that I've been using lately - I go through phases...LOL Photo Above: Kimberly Edwards - Photo by Zdenka Micka, Hair by Jenny D, Make Up by Kimberly Edwards I want to say Thank You to all of you who frequent my blog, leave me comments and messages of encouragement and thoughtful things like that! You are what keeps me going! *** I hope you enjoyed this Read more [...]

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No doubt, if you're into fitness or being healthy, you're buying water bottles or carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. Well, let's face it...Many of the water bottles today aren't very stylish. So, I have a solution! You know one of my new favorite places to get neat stuff is Posy Lane, and they have these awesome personalized water bottles you can get with your choice of pattern and even your initial on! The base of it unscrews, so you can keep your keys in it while you're Read more [...]

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In case you all didn't know, I just wanted to make you all aware. On top of being Kimberly of CookingWithKimberly.com, I often guest author for other blogs out there. CIDA News is one of the places I have a regular "column". Every Monday, Kimberly's Corner gives you awesome recipes, food & health info, cooking tips, and product or restaurant reviews. In fact, today I gave you a fabulous recipe for my New Favorite Chicken Soup - Gingered! Be sure to check me out there on Mondays... Don't Read more [...]

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This is one of my newest photos I just received a few weeks back from Peter Tamas - the photographer we had for the Town Shoes shoot I did - This is an extra - obviously, with nothing to do with shoes - just for me and the photographer...I scanned it to the computer for you. Photo above: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Peter Tamas, make up by Francine Spencer, hair by Stephanie Giancos, styling by Kristina Louie The entire team was absolutely fantastic that day and I think we got some Read more [...]

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I don't have any problem with rainy days... In fact, I quite like them! I like rainy Fridays even more! LOL... When it's rainy out, I like to get all cozied up and drink some hot tea and do a little writing... ...or in my case today, a lot of writing! I tended to our numerous websites and blogs today and did a fair amount of organizing, answering comments and the like! What do you like to do on a rainy day? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below. *** I Read more [...]

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I was checking out PosyLane.com again today and I fell in love with the idea of getting a personalized ink stamp! It may sound funny or vain, but actually, they are really cool...I just want one for the heck of it...LOL I'd like to get 2 of them. 1. For both me and my hubby - An example is here to the left...They have different fonts, but I love that ours would be K E K We're just cheesy like that! Isn't this awesome? 2. For all of my recipes and Cooking With Kimberly correspondence Read more [...]

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Like most people now, I am on Facebook! LOL I recently created the Cooking With Kimberly Page on Facebook and wanted to personally invite you to join in and become a fan on Facebook. What’s new with my FB Fan Page? Well, you will not only get great updates and extra tidbits I add about how to cook, recipes, health, nutrition, videos and great places to eat or shop…plus, the best cooking tips too! …You will also find out where I’m posting exclusive articles elsewhere online Read more [...]

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Now that I psyched you all up with the last 3 posts on how to become a fitness model, you're all getting fit, I presume... Why not get fit, log the miles or the time you work out and use your mileage or calories as a way to donate to Breast Cancer? You're saying, "Wait...What?" 1. Go sign up at BeeWell Miles . 2. All you have to do is log how far you walked, jogged, ran or enter the times you played or participated in any other activity every day between now and October 31st, 2009. 3. Read more [...]

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This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #1 and Part #2 too! I've Got Photos - Now What? After you've got your photo-shopped photos back from your chosen photographer, start compiling packages to the agencies in your area... Photo left: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Zdenka Micka - Make-Up & Hair by Kimberly Edwards - Oshawa, Ontario Then, search for the top agencies in the Toronto (for Canadians) or the States, like Elite, Wilhelmina, etc. and send them a package Read more [...]

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This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #1 and Part #3 too! You're In Shape - Now What? Start looking in fitness and bodybuilding mags and pic out some shots you think are nice and would suit you. Then, search for a really good photographer. NOT JUST ANY PHOTOGRAPHER because it'll cost you more in the long run if you go with a half-rate photographer that clicks 200 pictures in 20 minutes...This is not going to work! Photo right: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Read more [...]

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A bunch of my friends have started to ask me the question of how they can get into fitness modeling... So, I figured they are a good cross section, especially of my readers here, and I wanted to share my answer that I've been "copying and pasting" to my friends as they contact me... This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #2 and Part #3 too! They often ask me if I'm a fitness model - I guess because they know I work out all the time, eat healthy and model too, Read more [...]

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I've been doing a lot of research about stem cells lately, on my own... ...I have concluded that as long as they are harvested in a non-controversial or painful manner, that they could be indispensible for your health and your immediate relatives! Let me Explain: C'elle is a system for non-invasively collecting your own menstrual blood - as a woman - in the privacy and comfort of your own home - that naturally has an abundance of stem cells in it. The stem cells they can harvest out of Read more [...]

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No word of a lie... All week long, I've been somehow choosing to stand next to the people in the room with the WORST BREATH EVER! What is going on people??? It is important to brush your teeth & YOUR TONGUE EVERYDAY! If you don't brush your tongue, you're missing most of the stink that accumulates in your mouth! GUM toothbrushes are my favorite - they feel the best on my gums! :) In fact, you should be doing this 3 times a day after you eat every meal. It would be even better Read more [...]

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If you become a new customer of Charter Communications or upgrade your service, you are eligible to win a TV every day throughout April! How do you get into this deal? Well, at Charter.com, you can use their simple website to build the service bundle that works best for you and is best for your needs. Once you have your service installed, you are entered to win! You're also entered to win the grand prize package of a 52" LCD Flat Screen HDTV, a Home Theatre System and 1 year of Free Charter Read more [...]

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Okay...Thought I'd let you in on my "drama"...LOL On Saturday, I went out to watch my hubby and friends play beach volleyball and thought I'd get a head start on my Texas tan! I went to the tanning bed only a few times in Canada, but got an okay base tan, just so I wouldn't burn, as I know we are very active and "outdoorsy" and I didn't want to burn. So, it was very cool and overcast in the morning, but I wore my bikini anyway! It warmed up and I got to catch some rays. After a few Read more [...]