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* Beauty Tip: Rich color is in style this season with vibrant reds in matte lip-color...You may even want to try some of the new lip stains that are so fashionable this season... My cousin sent me this photo of her at our Grandmother and Grandfather's house... Apparently, as the story goes, she got into my mother's lipstick and voilà...Instant cute! She says she didn't get into trouble either...since it was so adorable! My mother says she remembers this all too well! LOL... I Read more [...]

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Whenever I am about to recycle bottles from beauty products that I finished using, they go next to my computer to remind me to tell you what I think about them. I tried the Coryse Salomé Performance Or Refining Eye Contour Gel. Did I Like It? Sure, I think it's a solid eye cream that you are able to use day or night to moisturize those eyes. It's nice and thick, but not greasy. I feel it has done a nice job... * Tip: I often like to moisten my fingertips with water before I apply Read more [...]

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As you all know, I have VERY long hair, and I'm always trying to ensure that it is healthy and happy! Photo left: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Zdenka Micka, Hair by Jenny D, Make-up by Kimberly Edwards Jenny D, my hair stylist, gave me a tip so as not to dry out your hair in the shower. Most of us take warm or hot showers, and most of us probably wash our hair first before you do anything else. You probably also condition your hair lastly! What happens to your hair in during the middle Read more [...]

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That's right! I'm going to do it Saturday, September 6th! I'm going to put a little effort and sweat into raising some money for Breast Cancer Research in Hamilton. *** Support Kimberly with a Pledge for the 5 km Bright Run for Breast Cancer! Using PayPal - Please include your address with postal/zip code for a tax receipt. Every little bit helps! The Juravinski Cancer Centre's Breast Disease Site Team hosts the inaugural Bright Run/Walk to support breast cancer research Read more [...]

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Wow...It never ceases to amaze me how many nail salons try to dupe their customers into thinking that the acrylic nails are actually gel nails... This is a serious problem because not only are you getting charged for more expensive "solar gel" or "bio gel" nails, the acrylic nails are not good for your health, unlike the gel nails. So, How Do You Know The Difference? If the product applied to your nails is in any kind of powder form, that you witness, before being put on your nails, they Read more [...]

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What a great idea is that? Wow...must be unrelenting when riding bikes in the mountainous terrain of the villages...LOL... Some people may see this as lazy, and maybe they've never ridden a bike up a huge hill before that seemingly doesn't end... I could see how these hills may discourage more people from going out to exercise...These lifts may actually get more people into fitness that otherwise would not be interested. Anyway...I thought this was one of the coolest things I've seen. Read more [...]

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Let's face it...There are a lot of things many of us would change about their bodies if we could. Am I correct? As a woman, for example, we have to shave constantly...It gets old quickly! Laser Hair Removal or Reduction is a new craze...rightfully so! It's often a permanent solution to this womanly dilemma! Hair removal is not just for ladies anymore...Men are becoming more self-conscious about their body hair too... What about that crazy tattoo many people get when they are a teen or in Read more [...]

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kimberly edwards Especially when I get stressed out, I crave going for a jog. I can see the trees go by, smell the lilacs as I jog past, and get some fresh air. It's just you and the road with your thoughts... If you don't feel like thinking, it's easy to be distracted by everything going on around you. When you feel frustrated and like you can't get anywhere in your thoughts, going for a jog gives you a feeling of accomplishment... My biggest piece of advice: Make sure you're wearing good shoes Read more [...]

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Alright...Who else is sick of the smell of sunless tanning lotions? Those "natural glow" moisturizers that boast to give you a radiant glow all year long, gently...Still Stink!!! You might be able to tolerate it, or maybe not even smell it for the 1st few days you wear it, but it will come... Not only that, even the light formulations for lighter skin, which I don't have, are too dark and can create streaks and dark spots around your joints when used everyday! What Do I Do? Living Read more [...]

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Since this is the introduction of my blog, I just wanted to share a little bit about me... About Me: I am originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Lived there for most of my life. I lived in Australia for 1 yr, and traveled by myself right out of high school. I was a softball pitcher on scholarship and went to Texas A&M University, McNeese State University and coached pitching at The University of Northern Iowa. I have a degree in Pre-Medicine, as well as many minors. I have Read more [...]