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How Can I Keep My Teeth White & Still Drink Tea? A predicament I'm often in - Especially with Homemade Chai Tea! I love to drink tea!!! It's probably my favorite beverage right after water... ...But I model and often have close ups on my teeth...They have to be white too! What Do I Do? Well, a little known fact is that you can put a bit of milk in your tea - that's all you need. Why Does This Work? Well, it's the tannins in your tea that cause your teeth to discolor. Read more [...]

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Are you looking for Discount Perfumes online? If you're searching for perfume, I'm sure you would like to get it more inexpensively, right? Who wouldn't? Well, if you check out Fragrance Net, you can get 15% off perfume if you use code:  BLGFT there. Just wanted to pass that on to my very special readers interested in Beauty here on Life of Kimberly Edwards! What are my picks for the summer? Well, check out my posts: My Staple Perfume Right Now & Kimberly's Favorite Inexpensive Read more [...]

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When I travel, I can only pack so much, especially with the weight and baggage limits put upon us by the airlines. So, I try to consolidate and bring things that will work universally - and that includes beauty products! My perfume of choice this month for traveling is Victoria's Secret's Heavenly Perfume Scent. It's soft and floral and simply smells heavenly! It is great for day time as it's not overpowering, isn't oily - so it's not uncomfortable or staining in very intense heat like Read more [...]

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As for me, I rarely ever get puffy eyes, unless I've been crying, so this is not an issue for me. However, if I did, I would thinly slice up some cucumbers and relax with them on my eyes for about 30 minutes to get rid of them. My problem often is that I get dark circles, mostly because I've been busy and not getting enough sleep. As you age, the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and thinner, making your dark circles more noticeable. Of course, you need a great eye wrinkle cream that Read more [...]

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Don't be stuck in a rut with your life-guard uniform! There are so many styles and options available out there that are all acceptable Lifeguard Swimwear. Personally, I think as a male lifeguard, you're much more limited on what you can wear and still be stylish. I mean, let's be real - Please don't wear a speedo if you don't have to! However, for a woman, Lifeguard Swimsuits can be more exciting when it comes to shapes of the suits. There are bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, different Read more [...]

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Over 90% of women are affected by cellulite at some level or another! Did you know that? No doubt, if you're in the business of looking good, as a model or actress, you need to keep that celly at bay! There is a great, new product on the market - that's not a pill, not a supplement, not an invasive treatment... ...What it is is a System to Get Rid of Cellulite - For Good! If you're looking for a "quick fix", this is NOT an overnight phenomenon - it will take some work and readjustments Read more [...]

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Okay, so we were serious troopers on Saturday here in Dallas. We trudged out to Coppell's Yucatan Sand Volleyball to get our game on despite heavy-laden skies of grey! Kenney, Aaron and I were peppering before playing and within about 15 minutes or so, it went from slight sprinkles that we could handle to torrential downpours. The court next to Kenney and me just finished their game point when it happened... We ran to get all of our gear and clothes to find shelter in the building. However, Read more [...]

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Now that I psyched you all up with the last 3 posts on how to become a fitness model, you're all getting fit, I presume... Why not get fit, log the miles or the time you work out and use your mileage or calories as a way to donate to Breast Cancer? You're saying, "Wait...What?" 1. Go sign up at BeeWell Miles . 2. All you have to do is log how far you walked, jogged, ran or enter the times you played or participated in any other activity every day between now and October 31st, 2009. 3. Read more [...]

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This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #1 and Part #3 too! You're In Shape - Now What? Start looking in fitness and bodybuilding mags and pic out some shots you think are nice and would suit you. Then, search for a really good photographer. NOT JUST ANY PHOTOGRAPHER because it'll cost you more in the long run if you go with a half-rate photographer that clicks 200 pictures in 20 minutes...This is not going to work! Photo right: Kimberly Edwards - photo by Read more [...]

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A bunch of my friends have started to ask me the question of how they can get into fitness modeling... So, I figured they are a good cross section, especially of my readers here, and I wanted to share my answer that I've been "copying and pasting" to my friends as they contact me... This is a 3 Part Series - So, please be sure to check out Part #2 and Part #3 too! They often ask me if I'm a fitness model - I guess because they know I work out all the time, eat healthy and model too, Read more [...]

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No word of a lie... All week long, I've been somehow choosing to stand next to the people in the room with the WORST BREATH EVER! What is going on people??? It is important to brush your teeth & YOUR TONGUE EVERYDAY! If you don't brush your tongue, you're missing most of the stink that accumulates in your mouth! GUM toothbrushes are my favorite - they feel the best on my gums! :) In fact, you should be doing this 3 times a day after you eat every meal. It would be even better Read more [...]

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If you become a new customer of Charter Communications or upgrade your service, you are eligible to win a TV every day throughout April! How do you get into this deal? Well, at Charter.com, you can use their simple website to build the service bundle that works best for you and is best for your needs. Once you have your service installed, you are entered to win! You're also entered to win the grand prize package of a 52" LCD Flat Screen HDTV, a Home Theatre System and 1 year of Free Charter Read more [...]

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You wouldn't believe how often I'm asked what perfume I wear... I own a lot of perfume, but stick to my few favorites that are "signature fragrances" for me! I have my favorite inexpensive perfume, a mid-priced fave, and a high priced fave... Today, I'll share with you the fragrance I've been wearing since I was a pre-teen, and all of my old friends will tell you it reminds them of me... I love Wild Musk by Coty - Now, before you go getting your knickers in a knot, it doesn't smell Read more [...]

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No doubt, if you're pregnant, you're being especially careful as to what you put in and on your body. That goes for beauty products as well. You may not have been so careful before you were pregnant, but now you've got another person inside of you that you are exceptionally attached to and in charge of protecting. Have you been searching for safe beauty products and treatments, but to no avail? Here is the solution to your problem... The Pregnant Woman's Beauty Book is a fabulous Read more [...]

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I just found out about this today and it is pretty cool... If you're a teenager and you're interested in becoming a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, check out this website I found: SOGO Active This program is presented by Coca-Cola and they will award over 1,000 spots to be torchbearer before the torch is lit at the Winter Olympics. A torchbearer is a person that carries the torch the Olympic flame, typically from one end of the country to the other, to where the Olympics Read more [...]