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RedBox Rocks!


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Have you tried using a Red Box yet? RedBox is a machine, often found in or outside of your local grocery stores, convenience stores, super stores or drug stores that you can rent newly released and classic movie DVDs for $1 per night. You have to use your credit card, so be prepared. You scroll through that machine's collection and choose your movie(s) for the night. You'll receive it out of a little slot in the machine, which is also where you'll return the DVD to. You will be Read more [...]

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Many of us, these days, either choose not to have a traditional bank account, don't have the minimum required deposit for opening an account, especially in this economy, or just simply want to stay away from confusing fee structures and statements. Did you know they do credit checks at many banks before they'll let you open any kind of account? Okay, so, they want to check me over so I can give them my money to hold...Does that make sense to you? Maybe you're a teenager who wants to handle Read more [...]

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How Can I Keep My Teeth White & Still Drink Tea? A predicament I'm often in - Especially with Homemade Chai Tea! I love to drink tea!!! It's probably my favorite beverage right after water... ...But I model and often have close ups on my teeth...They have to be white too! What Do I Do? Well, a little known fact is that you can put a bit of milk in your tea - that's all you need. Why Does This Work? Well, it's the tannins in your tea that cause your teeth to discolor. Read more [...]

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What I often like to do when I'm getting bored of my choice of bikinis, especially when traveling, is mix and match tops and bottoms. Just about anything goes by way of fashion at the beach. So, just make sure you have similar materials for the tops and bottoms and you're good to go. I especially make sure I pick up basic bikinis without patterns in many different colors, so I can mix and match when I get bored. Try matching a basic top or bottom with a patterned opposite, or pick Read more [...]

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kimberly edwards - purple beauty Hello Everyone... I have a longer modeling update post already created, just need to put the links in it. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a video one of my new friends, Karen Smith from Styled With Kare (hair, make-up and re-styling clothing designer) created with me in it! Enjoy! On the Lifestyle slide, I'm the girl on the right in the purple. Photographer: Joey Fernandez, Hair & Make Up: Styled with Kare's Karen Smith, Styling: Kimberly Edwards On the Fashion Read more [...]

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Wow - nothing completes your look like a beautiful bracelet, bangle or amazing watch, does it? I happened across this website today and I was thrown back by the beauty of these watches. They have 100% genuine Rolex watches on their front page - that must be what dazzled me... How yummy is that watch face above, right? Ugh...beautiful! They have an entire collection for Men and Women, specializing in these Rolexes, including replacement or upgrade parts for Rolex watches, and Rolex bracelet Read more [...]

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Alright people - it's nearing the end of summer, so get out there and get your fashion "on"! Enjoy every last drop of sunshine and fun before it's too late...Get your sandals out and get on out that door... Ladies, when leaving the house you want to look summerlicious, don't you? I know I do! So, here are 3 easy looks for the rest of summer so you look beachy and fun: 1. women's wedges - These babies are rocking the house this summer, as with most summers. Get yourself a great wedge Read more [...]

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I found a really neat website today, ParentsConnect.com, where you can go to get updated on fun activities and events for the entire family in your own local area! Especially great for teens and pre-teens! That's right! In fact, you can even install the widget on many of your social networking platforms or your own website so you can be up to date on the coolest events going on... Oh yeah, and the person who gets the most views from their widget - wherever that may be - wins $1000!!! - Read more [...]

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Are you looking for Discount Perfumes online? If you're searching for perfume, I'm sure you would like to get it more inexpensively, right? Who wouldn't? Well, if you check out Fragrance Net, you can get 15% off perfume if you use code:  BLGFT there. Just wanted to pass that on to my very special readers interested in Beauty here on Life of Kimberly Edwards! What are my picks for the summer? Well, check out my posts: My Staple Perfume Right Now & Kimberly's Favorite Inexpensive Read more [...]

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When I travel, I can only pack so much, especially with the weight and baggage limits put upon us by the airlines. So, I try to consolidate and bring things that will work universally - and that includes beauty products! My perfume of choice this month for traveling is Victoria's Secret's Heavenly Perfume Scent. It's soft and floral and simply smells heavenly! It is great for day time as it's not overpowering, isn't oily - so it's not uncomfortable or staining in very intense heat like Read more [...]

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Alright people, many of you may not know that I am a dreamer - a serious dreamer. Often, the dreams I have come true in some shape or form - sometimes sooner than later. I dream just about every night, so you may be in for a treat. This is a rare glimpse into my dream-life - also, it will help me document them too. Now, I have "normal" dreams everyone else does, with purple cats & dogs and wild adventures where I'm flying...I even have the odd nightmare, much less than I used Read more [...]

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As for me, I rarely ever get puffy eyes, unless I've been crying, so this is not an issue for me. However, if I did, I would thinly slice up some cucumbers and relax with them on my eyes for about 30 minutes to get rid of them. My problem often is that I get dark circles, mostly because I've been busy and not getting enough sleep. As you age, the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and thinner, making your dark circles more noticeable. Of course, you need a great eye wrinkle cream that Read more [...]

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If you haven't already checked out AMIClubwear, you simply must. I did a post a little while ago about getting awesome Sassy Summerwear from them. Really stylish, really fun clothes at really great prices. Okay, so now that you have the background on it, if you go by their YouTube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/amiclubwear, and subscribe to it, you could win a $300 Gift Certificate! Um...yeah...a no-brainer!!! Get on over there and subscribe, would ya? Well, do it before June 24th Read more [...]

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I think I would do well with a Google Android phone. Why? Firstly, because I travel a lot, Android Storage would allow me to access photos, movies/videos, music and files, virtually, from the unlimited storage space online that would stream seamlessly to my phone without using my phone's memory card. Secondly, when we're in town, we're always on the go - with me modeling, representing a celebrity client, and working on real estate properties with my husband, I need all the photo and file Read more [...]

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That's right! Tomorrow only, flip flops in so many different colors are only $1 a pair. Each customer is limited to 5 pairs per person. This is limited to Old Navy stores in the USA. I believe Old Navy opens @ 9:00 am, so get on out there and get your summer flip flops!!! *** I hope you enjoyed this Fashion Deal on Life of Kimberly Edwards! Until next time... I Am & Will Continue To Be, Kimberly Edwards :) P.S. Keep me updated on sales and deals out there - Leave Read more [...]